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Special Event F.A.Q.s

EVENT​ ​SEASON:​ ​Typically, we offer special events on the estate May - August. September and October can be difficult as our annual harvest requires loud disruptive equipment, much personnel and last minute schedule changes. Other months are possible - but weather is a factor.

WEATHER:​ ​The majority of our event space is outdoors so considering weather is a major factor. Winter is often cool and wet, with brief periods of snow & ice. Spring and Autumn are often wet, with brief periods of warmth and sunshine. Summer often begins with cloudy mornings (due to our proximity to the Pacific Ocean, followed by warm and dry afternoons. Average Summer days are in the 70s & 80s, with brief periods of 90 and 100 degree days.

EVENT​ ​SIZES:​ ​We can typically accommodate special events of 20 persons up to 100 persons. Larger events require extra special coordination and planning.

EVENT​ ​SPACES​: We have multiple sites available for your event:
THE LAWN - as we are located on a hillside - This is the only open flat area on property. It is approximately 30 feet x 75 feet with a small Gazebo on the southern side. Located along the sides of the lawn are well-manicured gardens and a water feature. The lawn faces to the south overlooking the vineyard and is fully exposed to the sun & wind.
PICNIC OAK GROVE - This beautiful hillside is covered by 6 huge oak trees, mowed grass and 6 scattered picnic tables. This is a great space for multiple small groups to mingle, chat, laugh & play. It can be difficult for larger groups as the picnic tables are spread apart, and the hillside can be steep in places.
EVENTS PAVILION - Located at the bottom of the Picnic Oak Grove hill at the end of a long, straight 175-foot path from the winery is the Events Pavilion. This square covered structure is a great space for multiple occasions. The flat concrete floor and roof offers refuge for unexpected rainshowers. The ivy-covered columns allow breezes to keep the space cool in summer, and the low-walls along the perimeter offer bonus seating for guests. The pavilion is about 30 feet by 30 feet and offers minimal electricity and non-potable water.
WINERY BUILDING - The winery building interior is available at some times of year for some events with limitations.

PARKING:​ ​We have a small gravel parking lot meant for a few vehicles for tasting room & event guests. For larger events there are hilly areas on the sides of our driveway, but this requires special coordination.

TABLES​ ​&​ ​CHAIRS:​ ​We have a variety of pop-up tables and lawn chairs available for events. We can easily accommodate tables & seating for groups up to 60. Larger events require special coordination.

RESTROOMS: The only restrooms on the property are the two unisex restrooms located inside the tasting room within the main building.

KITCHEN: We have a small, minimal kitchen. Basic oven, fridge & sink are available for use with special arrangements.

EVENTS STAGING ROOM: Located on the back of the main winery building next to the service entrance is a small private room. This space is perfect for wedding parties to prepare before a ceremony or a quiet private space away from guests. This room has easy access to the Picnic Oak Grove, Lawn, and Events Pavilion, all located down the hill.

ROAD ACCESS: We are located a few miles north of Forest Grove along Gales Creek road. We have a 1,200 ft-long, gravel road driveway with sharp corners and steep up-hill slopes in spots. Therefore, our property is inaccessible to large vehicles such as large shipping trucks and tractor-trailers. Also, with icy/snowy weather the driveway can be challenging.

CATERING: We do not have a chef on hand - so outside catering is encouraged for your event. We can make some suggestions for caterers & food trucks we’ve worked with in the past.

ALCOHOL: We offer a great spectrum of white, rosé, and red wines by our own label Risdall Ranch, and the previous winery Shafer Vineyard Cellars. Our Oregon Alcohol licence permits the service of wine, beer and cider. Additional Hard Alcohol requires special permitting and liability insurance.

MUSIC/NOISE: We are located in a rural area, but we still have neighbors close by. We ask any event to keep quiet hours before 8 am and after 10 pm as a courtesy.

EVENT PRICING: Due to the fact that every event is special and unique, we do a custom quote for every event. Please fill out questionnaire so we can better understand how to plan for your special occasion.